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The DCEL32 DC Earth leakage monitor is a precision electronic device with microprocessor technology to accurately measure resistance between any part of the electrical system and the frame of the machine.
If the resistance between the frame of the machine and any part of the electrical system drops to below 400 Ω the DCEL32 shall give a visual warning to the operator, and isolate the machine from the supply within 30 minutes or when the resistance drops to below 200 Ω.
The battery backup ensures visual indication of the state before trip after power down.
The DCEL32 will continuously monitor all connections and if any connection fail the DCEL32 will switch to safe mode (TRIP).
 The system fault led will indicate any internal and/or (red, black or any green) connection failure.
 The relay contact is used in a fail to safe configuration (common and normally open).
 The DCEL32 conforms to the SANS1654:2004 specification.